Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Look Towards the Temple! July 3rd 2017

This will be a short one, I'm too busy emailing you all individually! Haha.

Sister Mayne and I had a hard week mostly due to things out of our control, which can get a bit frustrating. Funny story, though: we had a VERY hard day and decided to get some icecream--but Sikeston doesn't leave us many options. Sister Mayne's GPS was at a loss as well, taking us to the middle of a neighborhood where a Wendy's was supposed to be! HAH! But it figured itself out and we finally got our Frosties...and a jr. baconator, while I was at it... 

As my father would say, "it tastes great going down but lands like a BRICK in your stomach!"

At the same time we experienced so many miracles, mostly ones I didn't feel very deserving of! The biggest one was one of our ward members Sister Rowe bringing her niece to church and asking us to teach them the Restoration during our gospel principles class! What an awesome opportunity it was, and her niece Beverly was interested to learn more.

What really got her interested was about how the Priesthood of God has been restored, bringing back as Matthew 16:19 puts it "the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven." Things such as baptism and marriage aren't just acts we make on earth--we're bound to them in heaven when done with priesthood authority. Beverly wants to be with her family forever. I want to help her get to the temple--I want everyone I have and ever will meet to enjoy the joy and blessings that are found there.

I'm excited to be going there myself next week, so emailing will happen on Tuesday!

Love you all!
Sister Fluegel

Pictures: My camera won't connect :((

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