Monday, December 30, 2013


December 30, 2013 

This week has been wonderful, filled with miracles and spiritual experiences that have strengthened me as a missionary. On Monday Sister Wright-Carruthers and I had the privilege of going to Temple Square with our investigator, Nicole. As we walked her through the pictures on the wall of Jesus Christ's life, we were able to help her understand Him better and she felt closer to Him. When we got the the picture of Christ suffering and praying in the Garden of Gethsemane, and explained about how He prayed for each one of us and suffered all our pains and afflictions and sins, she told us she'd never really understood that part of the atonement before nor seen that picture. She stood there staring at the picture for 10 minutes on her own, as crowds of people walked past her, and tears were in her eyes. I've never seen someone take the atonement so seriously before and I realized how much I have taken the knowledge and gravity of the atonement for granted. What a privilege it was to see her discover that knowledge for herself and help her through her spiritual journey, and be taught by her as well. 

We have many things going on in our side of the Layton Hills stake! We have 5 investigators who are all on their way to baptism. One is scheduled for this Saturday to be baptized. It's exciting as well that we've been able to contact and set up appointments with the referrals we've been given this past month now that the holidays are almost over and they have more time to see us. Sister Wright-Carruthers is a phenomenal trainer and is helping me become more valiant and bold. Layton is amazing! 

December 23, 2013 
Merry Christmas everyone!

This week has been incredibly busy and exciting! We've had so many appointments and lessons despite the busy holiday season. I'm loving the people here in Layton more and more every day as I serve them. The members have been so wonderful and kind to us especially as we feel a little bit of Christmas and family nostalgia, and the people we are teaching make it all worth the sacrifice of being home. I've had opportunities to grow, serve and learn in ways I never imagined I would, and the harder I work the less I feel discouraged or trunky. 

Yesterday in church I learned about charity-the pure love of Christ-and how we can become charitable people more every day. We can avoid thinking we are better than others, and have patience with their faults. Joseph Smith told us to look with compassion on perishing souls and take them upon our shoulders and cast their sins behind our backs. I know that the Spirit of Christmas is really the Spirit of Christ--and doing as he would have done, which is to give to others. We were shown this wonderful Mormon Message that really touched me. It's link is right here:

I love this time of year because everyone's thoughts are focused on family, service, and giving. These are all teachings of Christ and so the people we talk to are more appreciative and open to us because they recognize us as representatives of Jesus Christ and that we are serving just as He did. In Sacrament Meeting yesterday all the talks were about family and Christmas memories, and just as I started thinking about my little sisters, this little girl in front of me handed me a little piece of paper. It said "To: The Sister Missionaries From: Emma" with a picture of two girls with curly hair and dresses, and underneath said, "Welcome Sister Missionaries! Merry Christmas". Things like that make being a Sister Missionary worth it because they remind me that I'm needed here and that the work I do is appreciated!

May you all have a wonderful Christmas! 

Monday, December 16, 2013

No Effort Wasted

This week has been filled with wonderful events and experiences! We had our Mission Christmas Party and the whole mission gathered to hear Elder Sumerhays of the Seventy speak to us, and then a dinner and a variety show where Elders and Sisters sang Christmas songs for us. A congregation in Salt Lake gathered Sister Missionary clothing-skirts, dresses, sweaters, scarves, and coats for all the Sisters to choose something. It was so kind of them and we had a huge wonderful dinner from Sisters in the Kaysville area who all have children on missions. Something from Elder Sumerhays that really stood out to me was that we should treat every day like Christmas--because Christ suffered for us and was born to make us free from sin, and we should be thankful for that and applying that knowledge every day of the year. 

This week we met with a 14-yr old boy named Daxton, who is only here on the weekends because of joint custody. He has been taught by his very active uncle and cousins and desires to be baptized, so we have started the lessons with him so he knows all he needs to. He is on date forJanuary 4th! He is so sincere and humble and I'm so excited for him. He reminds me of Joseph Smith, who at 14 was searching for the truth as well. 

A few other miracles that happened just yesterday was that Nicole, the 16 yr old we are teaching was having a hard time because her older sister wasn't talking to her because she is interested in the LDS church. We gave her some advice about focusing on her sister-relationship instead of religion-bashing and immediately after we talked to her about it her sister called her and apologized and they made up right there at church. Her sister even told her to stop skipping Sunday School and get back to class. Another woman whose husband struggles with alcoholism was struggling at church and felt impressed to "text the Sisters" to come over that night and teach her family. When she looked up, there we were standing in the doorway of the chapel just walking in, and she felt a warm comforting feeling wash over her at the sight of us and she ushered us to sit by her. I feel so humbled that the very sight of 2 19-yr old girls in dresses and nametags could make such a change in someone's life and bring the Spirit to comfort those in need of comfort. How blessed I am to be a representative of Christ and see His love for His children every day in countless ways and experiences. 

We receive a lot of names from Relief Society Presidents and such of members who haven't been to church in a while for us to visit. One lady was never home whenever we stopped by, and we almost gave up on her but on Saturday we felt we should go to her neighborhood and try the doors that haven't opened yet. Cars were in the driveway this time and she opened up and was very kind to us but didn't seem to want anything to do with us. We drove away thinking nothing of the visit--and then last night our ward mission leader called us to say that he went home teaching there and she said she felt like them showing up as well as the "dear sweet Sisters" was a sign to her that she needs to come back to church.

All these miracles this week are a witness to me very effort that we make is not wasted and does affect the lives we come into contact with. Every little visit, smile, lesson, and knock on the door--is part of this great work. There truly is no sweeter experience than helping to build the Lord's kingdom. 

Hope you all have a wonderful week! 

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

2nd Transfers!

I just found out an hour ago that my trainer and I will be staying together this transfer! Usually trainers and trainees stay together for 12 weeks but sometimes they still get switched around. I am so happy Sister Wright and I get to spend Christmas together but most of all that we will be able to continue working with the people in our 5 Wards who are making so much progress. 

We taught 3 lessons with a less active family this week, and the father wanted the lessons because he forgot almost everything since he stopped going to church at 13. I've been leading the lessons now and it surprisingly hasn't been too hard! Sister Wright is a great trainer and has me practice a lot in the morning so I feel prepared during the actual lesson. On Sunday the whole family-parents and all 4 small children--came to church! It was the first time in almost a year for the wife and many years for the husband. I can't believe how happy it made me to see people following through with their commitments and progressing in the gospel. If they keep going, their children will be raised in the gospel! 

My understanding of the atonement widened while teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ, Lesson 3 on Friday. We had all 5 steps-faith, repentance, baptism, holy ghost, enduring to the end-on pieces of paper laid out like steps and at the top was a picture of Christ. I realized that when people say to "use the atonement" in their lives, all that really means is to apply those 5 steps, the gospel of Jesus Christ, to every problem, trial, hardship or affliction in your life. It's that simple! I love growing in my understanding of the gospel, especially when it happens by the Spirit while I'm speaking in a lesson, because the Spirit is teaching them and me at the same time! 

Thanksgiving was great, we went to one of our Ward Mission Leaders' homes, the Cassity's. They are a wonderful family and we had good food and played games like Guesstures and Scattergories. It was nice to be around a family again and see those relationships. 
I miss my family but the people here make everything worth it because I have the opportunity every day to bring light into their lives and smiles on their faces. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. 

Monday, November 25, 2013


Everything is going really great here in Layton, we are seeing things picking up everywhere, getting new referrals for potential investigators every day almost, and helping less actives return to church, and strengthening their families in the gospel. It's amazing to see the work hastening and to be able to experience missionary work every day! It's such a privilege and an honor to be here and give of myself to others who need my testimony and knowledge and to feel the Spirit. This last month has been the best month of my life!

Last night we had the opportunity to hold a Youth Fireside with the Antelope Hills Ward and we had the Elders come too. We talked about what we wished we'd known and prepared for before serving, and how the gospel of Jesus Christ is the main focus of what we should be sharing with our friends and investigators. I shared how I came to the decision of a mission and how they need to study it out in their minds before they receive a witness that they should go, like I did. They can do this by going out with the missionaries on appointments, sharing with their friends, and paying attention in Seminary and Sunday School. It really does pay off, I've experienced it. We had a question and answer session that was really successful and they asked really good questions. 

Sister Wright and I felt like because that ward is the slowest with missionary work when it comes to the Bishop and WML, we would talk to the youth and try to get them excited for it because the Bishop is really close with the youth. Hopefully we'll see referrals coming from some of the youth who are sharing with their friends at school! 

We also have been working more closely with all the Bishops and because of that relationship we have seen increased dedication by the Ward Mission Leaders and Ward Missionaries, and we've been trusted with referrals from the Bishops with people who are ready to learn and want to be taught! One family has less active parents and 5 nonmember daughters ages 9, 10, 13, 16, and 18. We are teaching them this week hopefully, if the holidays don't get in the way. I am so excited because I have 7 sisters and I think I can relate to them pretty well.

Sister Wright is a wonderful trainer and I learn more from her every day. We have great companionship unity, especially when it comes to wanting to work as hard as we can, having faith that miracles can happen, and desiring to not only fulfill but exceed our daily and weekly goals. It's such an exciting time to be a missionary, I am so honored to be here doing the Lord's work! 

-Sister Fluegel

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

"Contrary to Popular Belief, I can't look into your soul and see your sins" -David A. Bednar

This week my mission was privileged to have Elder David A. Bednar speak to us in Salt Lake City! We had been given 3 talks by him to study 2 weeks prior, having no idea he was coming. We prepared inspired questions and studied the talks even more after we found out he was coming. He didn't preach at us but asked us what we learned from his talks the first half and then the second half we asked our inspired questions. Yes, Sister Wright-Carruthers and I were slightly nervous that when Elder Bednar looked into our eyes, he'd see our souls and judge us, but he wasn't intimidating in that way at all. He is an apostle, but he cracked jokes and laughed with us at times too. Something that struck me was in one of his talks we read, called "Converted unto the Lord" talked about the Book of Mormon story where the converted Lamanites eagerly buried their weapons of war in a pit, never to dig them up again. He compared this to how we all need to bury our own cherished "weapons of rebellion against God" in a pit and never dig them up again too. Some weapons could be pride, disobedience, etc. I've grown up hearing that story but I never understood the significance of what it means to us--that if we are converted, it means we have experienced a change of heart so we no longer have any desire for evil, but to do good continually. If we have let our testimonies and the knowledge we have of the gospel work within us, and let the Spirit speak to and change our hearts, our desires change and we eagerly and gladly cast our weapons of rebellion into the pit, and never look back. When we are truly converted--when our hearts desire only to do the will of the Lord, then we will never fall away. Elder Bednar gave us a lot of advice for lessons, such as asking questions, having an active two-way discussion, and he said regarding daydreaming while your companion is teaching, "You don't DARE check out during lessons. This isn't about you." It's true--your mission isn't for you, it's all about other people. We were called to serve, and these 18 months are all about other children of God who don't have what I have. 
We saw many small miracles this week in Layton. After about 4 days of both of us being sick, we were so ready to just get out there again and serve! We invited a returning member and his nonmember girlfriend to church on Sunday, she didn't come but he came and he was dressed in a white shirt and tie, which was a first in all the time he's been coming! His girlfriend did talk about baptism to us and wanted to learn more about it so we set up an appointment with them for this week. The lady who loves genealogy like me is feeling more comfortable with us and we are going to give her a Christmas message this Thursday, and I'm so excited for the excuse to finally talk about Christ with her! More people we are inviting are showing up for church, there are miracles happening all the time. Yesterday we had 3 appointments back to back and we were rushing everywhere. I find that I'm the happiest when I'm the busiest--because I feel like I'm actually fulfilling my missionary purpose and bringing as many people as I can closer to Christ. Our Stake High Councilman in charge of missionary work had us over for a 20 minute dinner (that's all the time we had) and when we rushed to our next appointment he said from the door, "Go ye therefore, preach to all nations!" and kept reciting the scripture. It is so great to have the support of so many great members here in Layton. It's definitely a group effort--we need the Wards to be fellowshiping, visiting and home teaching these people too, because we can't possibly do it all on our own and it wouldn't stick anyways when we leave. This week is going to be phenomenal because we are both finally healthy and able! Wish you all the best. 

-Sister Fluegel

Monday, November 11, 2013

One Month Out!

So I've officially been out on my mission for a month and 2 days now! This last week has been busy and productive, despite being sick last weekend and now the stomach flu this weekend. I'm still getting over it, yesterday I was running to the bathroom every hour or so and pretty much incapable of doing anything. Yet, I experienced a miracle because Sister Wright and I were asked to give 15-minute talks in one of the Wards we cover, and I didn't want to bail on the Bishop even though I wasn't sure I was going to make it through the meeting. But, I got up there and spoke about how missionary and family history work are one in the same, and I didn't feel sick at all as I was speaking! Sister Wright told me later that she had prayed that I'd feel okay up there. Missionaries are human, but I don't think I'd have been able to get up and speak if I had the stomach flu and wasn't a missionary. 

This last week we've seen a lot of the people we're teaching progress! The 16 yrold girl wants to be baptized in January because she wants her member-friend to baptize her (he turns 16 on Christmas day). This one lady who used to be a hoarder cat lady and never let anyone into her house, is letting us come over and work in her garden and visit with her. We left her with a prayer the last 3 times we went over and she cried every time because she felt the Spirit and how much we love her. The second time we went over there, she mentioned that she likes genealogy! She and I then had an hour long conversation about how exciting it is and all the different things we've discovered! We connected so well and then the next time we talked about it again and I managed to bring some doctrine about families and how the gospel is so important to us. 

We've been getting so many referrals from members that we are struggling to contact them all! Saturday, my month mark, I was determined to contact as many as we could. We were only able to contact one less active family but it was an amazing experience! I was slightly nervous because it was my first 'door approach' to a family that my companion didn't know either. Sister Wright told me as we walked up to their door, "Remember who walks with us every time we approach a door." The wife opened the door and we had a really friendly visit with her and we set up an appointment to visit with them and invited them to come to church, mentioning that we were speaking as well. They didn't end up coming but they look like such a nice family and I really felt the Spirit there with us as we spoke to her. I'm excited for this week and hopefully will be feeling better so I can work harder and serve more effectively! 

Monday, November 4, 2013

Getting to know Layton

Hello everyone!

I've had a wonderful time this week becoming more familiar with my area, the people I'm working with, and my trainer. We've had some fantastic lessons and I'm becoming better and more comfortable at teaching. Sister Wright says I came "pre-trained" and she feels like she isn't even training me! I don't know about that, but those appointments with the Sisters in Belvidere and YSA really did help, as well as the MTC of course. I am loving teaching and getting to know real people, and I find that I learn the most when I teach a lesson than when I study for it! 

We are teaching this 16-yr old girl named Nicole and she is amazing! She loves to learn and is so intune with the Spirit that she pretty much teaches US the lesson instead of the other way around! She is really good friends with a member boy and we have the discussions at his house with his parents (who are amazing) and she already wants to be baptized, it's just a matter of her parents allowing it. Her desire to learn and to change her life for the better is so inspiring, I am so privileged to be a missionary to her right now! Also, something I've found as I've listened to the sad stories of so many less-actives and non-members, is that I try to relate with them and think back to any trials that I've gone through that could help me understand what they're going through. I can't believe how great I've had it growing up compared to these people I've met! I am so grateful for the trials I've had so far in my life that have helped me be able to relate to and therefore better help these people through their issues. I've had my faith and the gospel to rely on through every hard time--whereas these people did not--so I have that perspective to give to them and it gives them hope, which is such a rewarding experience. 

My companion and I have had some really fun and crazy experiences this week. We went to the Bountiful temple, which was gorgeous beyond words, and Sister Wright and I were allowed by President Hansen to go there early before our session to do Initiatories for my family file names I brought with me, so I could have my own family file for the Endowment session. It was a lovely day! We went there on Thursday, because they switched our Preparation day to then because we aren't allowed to leave our apartments after 6pm on Halloween. After planning, we had a movie marathon of The Testaments, Legacy, and 17 Miracles, and we had tons of candy from the lady upstairs who we live with and random members who throw us handfuls of candy when we go to their houses for dinner. Dinner appointments this week were really interesting...we've had some really strange Hawaiian haystacks (nothing like Mom's) and we were asked to teach a missionary lesson by one family who just wanted to see how we taught. We politely declined but shared a missionary miracle instead. Sister Wright and I were getting worried because we seem to be taking in way more calories than we are burning at these 5-course dinners every night, so we decided to start running in the mornings. It feels so good to get fresh air and my heart actually pumping at 6:30am every morning! All is going pretty well here and the work is picking up every day, especially with some good referrals we're getting. Hope all is well with everyone back home. 

-Sister Fluegel

P.S. Write more letters please!


Sister Wright and I at the Bountiful Temple on Halloween

Elder James, my District Leader and Sister Wright and I after Zone Conference

 Sister Hannon Young and I at the MTC at In-Field Orientation!
Sister Holbrook and I at the MTC- our classrooms were right next to each other

My District at the MTC eating Wyview creamery ice cream our last night together

Sister Holbrook and I at the Frontrunner 

Monday, October 28, 2013

First Area in Layton!

Hello everyone! So I've been in the field for 6 days already and they have flown by! I'm in one of the stakes in Layton, UT and the adjustment has been quite smooth from the MTC to real life, surprisingly. I made it a goal in the MTC to learn and practice as much as I possibly could so I'd be prepared to work with real people. My trainer, Sister Wright, is amazing! She is from England so she has the British accent and I feel like I'm in a Jane Austen movie every day. She's only been out 3 months and she's already training. I have a feeling I'll be training someone too when my 12 weeks training is up. I'm adjusting to the schedule quite well. I am the designated driver for our car because Sister Wright doesn't have an American drivers license so it's been quite an experience getting thrown into it! And I drive like, all day from appointment to appointment, so thank you to everyone who let me drive their cars before my mission; the practice really did help! Sister Wright thanks you as well. The only thing about driving in Utah is that the roads aren't flat, especially in Layton, and if you don't look out, the transition from parkinglot to road has a huge dip in it and my car will scrape the ground. I already got two aggressive driving warnings from my little GPS monitor that reports to the mission office if I'm speeding or doing anything wrong. My district leader tells me it's a rite of passage for every missionary when they get their first aggressive driving, so I guess I nailed that the 2nd day! My first day the new missionaries were able to go see Temple Square for a special mission tour before we met our trainers, and the Sisters that took us around were so wonderful and helped us feel the Spirit. I am so grateful we have this resource to bring our Investigators to! We saw a movie called "God's plan" and it was amazing and made me think about my family and how grateful I am that we have the gospel of Jesus Christ in our lives, and the knowledge that we can be with our family members forever through the blessings of the temple. Also, one of the Temple Square Sisters told us how hard it was on her first week being a missionary, and mentioned that she missed her twin sister at BYU. I went up to her later and we talked about how we both have twins at BYU that we miss, and she gave me some really comforting words and advice. 

Miracles are already happening in Layton since I arrived! Although it's been slightly overwhelming to memorize the 5 Wards that we cover, as well as the 5 Bishops, 5 WML's, and of course all the less active, nonmember, recent converts and potential and current investigators each ward has to offer, I'm learning day by day and Sister Wright knows all these people and doesn't expect me to know it all right away. Thank goodness names and faces have always been easy for me to remember! I invited an investigator to be baptized on Friday night! I felt the Spirit so strong as I invited her using the exact wording from Preach My Gospel and she said yes because she finally was in the right circumstances to be qualified for baptism. If everything goes right, we will have our first baptism this Saturday the 2nd! 

Also, I had an inspiring experience Wednesday night at our first dinner appointment (we had roast and potatoes and carrots and rolls--thanks for the head's up Dad). I was still kind of in shock processing everything that had happened--I'm in Layton, I'm a missionary, this is for real--and I went to the bathroom and just prayed that I'd be able to be a good missionary and that I'd feel welcome here and be able to help these people. Then halfway through the dinner appointment, the Brother says, "So Elder Nelson said a year ago to 'ask the missionaries' if you ever need help with something. So I figured I'd ask you how I can get the people in our ward more excited about family history and temple work." Sister Wright just turned to me like "It's all yours". He is trying to get old people who are really into genealogy to not be afraid of computers and to learn how to use, and some of them are less actives we can help reactivate in the process! We are going to organize a family history fireside, and the Sisters, (so basically me) are going to run it and teach these old people how to transfer their genealogy from paper to online. I really do feel needed here, not just in family history work, but that certainly is helping and is a strength to our companionship. I hope you are all doing well, thank you for the emails and letters, they keep me going! I love Layton and being a missionary, it's the best decision I've ever made. 

-Sister Fluegel

Monday, October 21, 2013

Last Day at the MTC October 21st 2013

I can't believe I've been at the MTC for 12 days already! My district of 3 Sisters and 4 Elders has grown so close! We're like family now. It's going to be hard to say goodbye to everyone. Our P-day last week was Tuesday but now it's Monday because we leave tomorrow for Salt Lake City at 8am. It's going to be on Mondays from now on unless my mission president changes it. I'm slightly nervous to take the train to SLC because I've never been on one and they only give you 40 seconds to get your things and get off the train! Our district leader said he'd be the last one off to make sure we Sisters didn't get left behind. Everyone here is so willing to help and serve others. I'm going to miss it!

I'm all packed up except for a few things and I've got to clean up the apartment--which will be sad because WyView was just starting to feel like home. But I'm so happy to meet my trainer and be a real missionary with real people instead of fake investigators all the time. The appointments I went on with the Sisters when I was home really did help me! I feel so much better prepared than my fellow district members are feeling. This weekend has been a spiritually uplifting time for me because we've had so many devotionals and words of wisdom from our teachers for the field. 

Yesterday evening we had a Departure Devotional for everyone leaving the MTC this week, The speaker said, "Your mission experience is the MTC for the rest of your life...and the next." So true. He also said, "You shouldn't just go through your mission, you need to let your mission go through you." which I thought was a given but I guess some missionaries do go through the motions and don't let the experiences really change their hearts and who they are. I've already experienced a change of heart in my love for others and seeing them the way Heavenly Father sees them. It's been a struggle to see everyone that way but I've turned to the scriptures and prayer and I'm starting to change for the better and it's wonderful! I plan on serving my mission every day to the fullest and letting it touch my heart and soul. One of my teachers said something that really hit me as well, and made me start studying my scriptures and Preach My Gospel even more. He said, "You cannot convert someone beyond your own conversion." 

Something I've realized while here at the MTC is that I always saw missionary work as strictly work for the living and their children and posterity. But, one devotional speaker was saying that the ancestors of the people we are finding and baptizing are helping us on the other side, because they want their temple work done as well! And here I thought I was giving up family history work for 18 months. But no, I'm just helping others come unto Christ and all their ancestors will benefit from it! Hopefully I will be able to teach some of the new converts how to do their work. That'll be even better than doing my own! 

I've loved my experience at the MTC and being at West Campus has been such a blessing because we get to walk outside way more than Main Campus does, so we get more exercise, fresh air, and a much less crowded cafeteria! My district was one of the first and is the last of English Speakers to ever be on the West Campus, because they are making it the designated Spanish-Speakers campus starting next month! It's been a great experience and I've learned so much. The days are long but the weeks fly by. I'm loving every minute of it!

Thank you for all your letters, my district has been a little jealous that I receive so much mail but they have kept me going and given me strength when I felt discouraged or tired or homesick. I love all my family and friends and look forward to updating you all on my first week in Salt Lake City next Monday

First night at the MTC
 Raintree, where they have their lessons

 Last day at the MTC with Sister Fluegel's district and MTC teacher (also Elizabeth's FHE brother-weird!!)

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Sister Fluegel's first letter from the MTC!

Hello everyone!

It's been an absolutely amazing first week at the Provo Missionary Training Center! I can't believe I've only been here 6 days; it feels like I've been here a month. I enjoyed the few days in Utah from Mondayto Wednesday I was able to spend finishing my mission quilt with Aunt Lorraine and going to all Elizabeth's classes at BYU because she was my "companion". That was fun to experience 2 days in the life of a BYU student! She kept telling everyone she was "babysitting a missionary" haha. 

   MTC life is so crazy! I'm living on the new West Campus, which was previously Wyview apartments, and we have to cross the street all the time to get to the RainTree apartments where we have our classes and meals and bookstore and mailroom. Every day we receive mail at lunch and at dinner, so everyone is always hoping to receive letters! Our days are so packed with studying, class, devotionals, meetings, training and coaching and "progressive investigator" or PI appointments, where my companions and I go into a living room set-up and teach an investigator who is acting. It really stressed me out at first but I'm getting much more comfortable with it. I'm loving wearing church clothes every day and pinning my little nametag on (the magnetic ones are the coolest) and just focusing on studying the gospel and how to meet the needs of our investigators. 

  I've already had a lot of challenges to overcome, the hardest of which has been my companionship--or rather, Tri-panionship. Sister Holt, from Georgia and Sister Perez from Washington are my companions because the other Sister in our district didn't show up for her mission. So the three of us have had to work together and try to all teach without walking all over each other during lessons with the PI's and it's been the hardest thing I've ever tried to do. Thankfully these lessons aren't with real investigators, so when we totally confused the guy in our first lesson I was just glad we didn't ruin his chance at salvation. The tripanionship thing still is pretty rocky but I've learned to turn to prayer and to the scriptures, as well as the Sister Training Leaders, for guidance and support. 

  I'm so busy all the time but I do keep you in my heart and think about my parents, grandparents, little sisters and brother, and friends often. I was so afraid of the MTC the night before I left that I made my stomach upset, but after experiencing a week of it I know that anyone can do it, just not on their own. You have to rely on the Lord to help you or you'll give up and go home. Yesterday I was having the worst day with companion drama because one of my companions didn't want to even try to practice our lesson or even talk about what we were going to say, and I just felt discouraged and stressed because I know we can't have the Spirit there without tripanionship unity. Plus, we were just about to start that night a new PI in the TRC building, with a legit actor/actress who might or might not be a nonmember! But right when we were about to go teach that first lesson, the Branch President's wife came to visit us and Sister Perez, who has been having homesickness and been questioning why she's here as well as many other issues, talked to her instead of coming with Sister Holt and I on the appointment. 

I have never appreciated more than now, the fact that we only usually have ONE companion, because everything just flowed so easily and the investigator spoke a lot so we understood her needs, and I felt the Spirit so strong in our lesson. At one point I felt like I should talk to her about how there are thousands of missionaries out serving just like us, to share this exciting news that the priesthood authority of God is here again on the earth and we just want to share it with everyone! When I did, she started smiling and said, "Wow you sound so excited about this!" and I honestly couldn't stop smiling the whole lesson because it WAS exciting and together Sister Holt and I were able to do everything we have been learning the past 5 days. When we left we were SO happy we had to keep from jumping up and down with excitement and just pure JOY in the work. Never have I been more sure, and more happy, of my decision to serve a mission. This is exactly where I want to be and exactly what I want to be doing and I'm learning to love every moment of it--the difficult moments and the beautiful moments alike. 

My district has 4 Elders and 3 Sisters and we are all going to the Utah Salt Lake City Mission! Our zone has another district and they just have 6 Elders, 2 of which are going to my mission as well. These boys may only be 18, but their testimonies are strong and so is their faith and they know they are on the Lord's errand. I'm so impressed with all the missionaries here and their attitudes of faith. When we take walks around the campus we'll say "Hi Elders' and we'll hear back "Hola Hermanas" or some other jibberish that could be Finnish, Tagolog, or who knows what. The food is good but I'm trying really hard not to take in more calories than I'm burning, especially with the ice cream and fudge bars always available to us at every meal, and the Creamery ice cream at the Wyview creamery where we go to get things we need and do our laundry. We also have breakfast at 6:30am, which means I'm getting up every morning at 5:15 to take a shower and get ready for the day. That'll be nice to "sleep in" when I get to Salt Lake City next week! We are taking the Frontrunner train on Tuesday the 22nd so I'm not sure if I'll have time to email next week. 

I hope you all are doing well and thank you for the letters I've already received from Sister Evans, Elizabeth of course, and Zella! Missionaries LIVE for letters. Our District Leader checks the mail twice a day and everyone just hopes and crosses their fingers that one of the letters in his hands is for them. I've probably received more mail than everyone in my district so far, thanks to Elizabeth and her dear-eldering me. Unfortunately I can't receive mail every day when I go to the real mission field next week, so this is the last and only week I have left to receive your letter the day you write it on Dear Elder. 

I was able to see Sister Holbrook, who is from Chicago and serving in Salt Lake with me, on Wednesday and Sunday when we had the same schedules. It was great to catch up with her! My tripanionship and her companionship are both Sister Training Leaders for our mini-Branches. Also on Sunday I saw Sister Kelsey Howard, from Las Vegas who I met up at BYU Idaho last fall and haven't seen since then! It was so exciting to see another person I knew and she was pretty excited too. She actually yellled out "Ashley!!" and then put her hands over her mouth like 'oops I said her first name" and it was pretty funny. I hope I can see her again and get a picture with her before she goes to the Philippines. I also saw Elizabeth's old roommate Hannin (still don't know her last name) and I yelled her name out too and she was totally caught off guard but she hugged me and it was just neat to see someone I knew. 

Before I go, I just wanted to thank Grandma Pam for the black and white skirt, it's so comfortable and cute! I'm loving my new scriptures and just marking away during my Personal Study time. That's my ultimate favorite time of the day--just complete silence for at least an hour where I can do my own searching and scripture marking and there is just complete peace with no distractions at all. I've always loved learning, but learning about missionary work and how to do it is the most I've ever learned spiritually in such a short time. Tonight I'm singing in the choir for our Tuesday night devotional, which is going to be broadcasted to every MTC there is! And there is a general authority speaking, so I get the best seats! I'm so excited to feel the Spirit and sing and go to the Main MTC Campus this time. 

I also went to the Provo temple this morning with my Zone and we had a wonderful time of course. We took a bunch of pictures so I was hoping to attach them on this email. So far our computers have been rejecting our cameras so I might have to wait to send them until next week or the week after. I love you all and hope everything is going well with you. Write me! :)

-Sister Fluegel 

P.S. I saved my red "dork dot" just so you know Dad. :)

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Well, October 9th came! Sister Fluegel entered the MTC today, her twin sister Elizabeth (me) and our Aunt Trisha saw her off! She was really excited and they whisked her away in seconds after getting her luggage out of the car. Here are some pictures:

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Called to Serve: Utah Salt Lake City Mission!!

Hi, I'm Sister Fluegel. Welcome to my Mission Blog! I will be serving a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in the Utah Salt Lake City Mission from October 2013 to April 2015. I will be posting (through my twin sister) weekly updates about my mission experiences. I report October 9th to the MTC in Provo and will be there until October 23rd. I look forward to sharing the gospel with the people of the Salt Lake area and I hope you will enjoy reading about my experiences too.