Wednesday, April 12, 2017

April 3rd 2017

What a week to be alive! Missouri showed off it's bipolar weather to a greater degree than ever before. I've used my winter coat, hid under an umbrella, and sweat under a burning sun all within a matter of days. I know I talk about Amanda constantly, so here's a warning that this email will be much of the same, haha. Sister Bustillos and I are truly blessed to know her.
Amanda is living with family, and has been slowly introducing more and more to her aunt (who we've met and love) as well as her mom, who lives in a different area. And on Saturday her aunt agreed to sitting in on a lesson and possibly agreeing to meet with us. She asked for a Book of Mormon! Maybe we should just give Amanda a whole box of them and have her go around door-to-door. Haha. It is true, though, that those ready to hear the gospel often aren't ready to hear it directly from missionaries, in the beginning.
I loooooved General Conference, which is available on if you haven't seen it yet, especially Elder Holland's talk about "the songs we cannot sing." When we don't have the best "pitch" we often stand next to those who are a little more in tune. It's always great to sing next to someone with a beautiful voice! And Elder Holland makes the comparison perfectly: "The Savior has perfect pitch." Believe in yourself, and believe in him--don't abandon your role in the great choir of God. We all have such unique voices, and they are all vital.
The gospel is the melody; our individual conversions are the harmonies.
I heard the conversion story of a wonderful woman named Myra, who grew up in Puerto Rico when her mother joined the church. They grew up Catholic but eventually stopped going, and one of her friends who became a Jehovah's Witness talked about all the destruction and mayhem before Jesus Christ appeared again. Myra told us how she thought, Moses guided the people as to how to be protected during the Passover. Surely a prophet would protect God's people? When she met with the missionaries and they explained there was a prophet again today, she exclaimed, "A prophet? Who is he? Where is he?" When they explained, her only remaining question was, "What is the prophet doing in Utah??"
I am so grateful to have a prophet to lead and guide me! General Conference is always such an amazing time to hear from God's appointed leaders and to find in ourselves, "Where lack I yet?" SO much of it seemed exactly what I needed to hear, and I know that can be true to each one of us.
In other news, a nice guy ran up to us with bottles of cold water and then ran away before we could talk to him, I got a REALLY COOL birthday present from Sister Bustillos but it's a surprise for the fam, heehee, and I discovered a new vice of mine: Vanilla Cupcake M&Ms. They are the bomb .com
Love you all!!
Sister Fluegel 🐦

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