Wednesday, April 19, 2017

April 18th 2017

Oh my goodness, what a week of learning!
First of all Sister Bustillos and I went to the (FREE!) St. Louis Museum last Monday, which was bomb. Pictures or it didn't happen. I got adjusted for free by a chiropractor friend of Amanda's, and apparently my lower back is a mess...whoops. Time to stop cracking it every other hour! I'm working on kicking that habit still.
This week we met a very cute little teenage couple named Jake and Kirsten. They just got back from going on a Taco Bell run when we started talking to them, and at first we only shared the Prince of Peace card (It's a cool video, watch it on youtube!) but then they started talking about how many churches there were and how hard it was to know which was true.
Maybe it would be obvious to a lot of other missionaries, but for a second I had no idea how to answer. I opened my mouth anyway. Suddenly the story of Joseph Smith poured out of me, maybe a little too detailed looking back, but I saw something in Kirsten and Jake's eyes change. The guard they had put up fell down, and behind it stood two young people yearning for the truth.
Joseph Smith was only fourteen when he felt a burning desire to know God and understand the truth. Sometimes that seems too young--seems like all kids care about these days is technology and clothes! But I know, from not being fourteen all that long ago, how many my age around me had unanswered questions and a yearning to know more. I did myself. The story of Joseph Smith touched Kirsten and Jake's hearts in a way that nothing else would have. Without a doubt I know it was the Spirit that filled my mouth with words!
I promised them that through reading the Book of Mormon and prayer, they could find out if what we taught was true--if fourteen year old Joseph Smith did receive an answer to his humble prayer or not, and whether he truly was a prophet called of God. We'll be meeting with them this weekend to see what they think.
This week was especially fun in another way--in the spirit of Easter, we dropped off Easter baskets at the homes of people who haven't made it to church lately and to a family we used to teach! Not sure if you remember me mentioning the Wolf family before, but they hadn't answered our phone calls and texts in a long time. But Cindy's whole face lit up when she saw who it was! Apparently their phone got shut off! She invited us back for tonight, and said they loved us coming. That made my whole day, I love that family!
I also love all of you. Have a great week and make good choices!
Sister Fluegel 🐦
Pictures 1-3: From the zoo!!
Picture 4: We like to keep tracting interesting
Picture 5: Our Easter baskets!
Picture 6-8: Easter!!
Picture 9: Sister Bustillos tried to escape weekly planning...

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