Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Uncomfortable in the Faith February 28th 2017

Hello lovely people!! I hope you've had a great February. This is the warmest February I've ever experienced and I'm in the Midwest...my expectations were definitely thrown out the window the first time it hit 76 degrees here. I guess St. Louis gets a little Southern breeze, unlike Belvidere IL!
This week I had the amazing chance to hear Amanda's testimony. She bore it to us during our last lesson. Sister Bustillos promised that her anxieties and concerns would be washed away when she came up out of the waters of baptism, and I could feel the Spirit testify of that promise.

When the member we had at the lesson then cautioned Amanda about not getting too hyped up on her baptism in case it wasn't all that she thought it would be, Amanda interrupted her. She's not the type to speak up often, but she did. She told us all she used to go to bed every night, and wake up every morning, knowing something was missing in her life. Even though she had everything she could want, there was a hole. And Amanda had this feeling it was God. So she started searching; she read the Bible, she watched videos, she researched religions, and when her friend told her about our church she wanted to give it a try. Ever since, that hole in her life has slowly been filled as she understands more, comes closer to God, and gets ready for baptism. That makes everything worth it, to her.
I'm paraphrasing, but needless to tell I had tears in my eyes witnessing such faith and conviction. I can't say I never have doubts, that I never need to pray and ask, one more time, if this church is God's church, but hearing such a strong testimony from someone who's only learned about the gospel for a month? That was another testament to me. That's why church is so important I think--when we go, we are edified by each other and can build our testimonies up off each other's.
Going to church weekly is hard, though, and so is all that we're asked to do as Latter-Day Saints. I think it's important to remember who is truly asking us: not our parents or bishops or prophets. Our Savior is. Jesus Christ has already paid the price for our sins, and he's set the conditions for repentance. And what I've found: when you get comfortable in your faith, Satan makes his move. But the strait and narrow path never lets us get comfortable in our faith. After all, Jesus Christ did not say in the scriptures, "Come, sit down with me" or "Relax, kick your feet up." He said, "Come, Follow Me."

The gospel is active. The way is uncomfortable. But as Amanda pointed out, it's worth it.
Other awesome things:
We are now teaching a whole family! They are really sweet and open and want their three boys to grow up going to church.
We rescued a DOG that Sister Bustillos almost ran over, and took Stella (who I named) around the neighborhood seeing if anyone recognized her. She had a limp leg :( So we ended up taking her to Arnold's Animal Hospital, and her family picked her up the next day :) Pictures or it didn't happen!
I got to see my old MTC homies on Friday during a training meeting! They're all doing swell. According to them, my hair has grown a lot?? I can't tell, it's just short to me!
Last but not least, Sister Bustillos and I have created our 'comp handle': CC2! WHATITDO!
...it's an MSLM thing.
Love you all!
Sister Fluegel 🐦

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