Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Reading the Book of Mormon March 20th 2017

First of all, thank you all for your birthday wishes and presents and messages of love! I'm very lucky to have so many people supporting me while I'm out here. Know that I pray for you daily and appreciate all you do and have done for me.
I'm also lucky to have a fantastic ward full of loving families and leaders who make me feel home away from home. Sister Miskin is one who Sister Bustillos and I have really grown close to, and our lesson with Amanda (which happened to be my birthday) she surprised us with a fruit and pie party! So I got to get sung to and blow out some candles! Amanda gave me probably the best gift I might ever get, or at least it's been the best so far in my life. A simple letter, but I cried right in front of her reading it! I am so grateful to have gotten to teach her and be an instrument in the Lord's hands to help her. What an amazing thing it is.
Throughout this week and the people we've taught I've noticed a trend that occurs: those who read the Book of Mormon and pray about it seem to comprehend, understand, and believe the lessons we teach. Those who don't, either don't continue the lessons or can't understand them. I never realized, I don't think, until now how important the Book of Mormon is to our conversion. People hear about it and often wonder, "Why do we need another book? Isn't the Bible (long) enough?"
The Bible definitely is very long! I completely understand why it seems strange, or even daunting, to have another book of scripture. But I think, even if some things in the Bible hadn't been lost in translation, Heavenly Father would still want us to have this book. Through all scripture, we learn of and grow in faith of Jesus Christ. Through it, we feel the Spirit daily, and better see God's hand in our lives. Through it, answers can be found to our modern day problems. But only through the Book of Mormon can we gain a testimony of Joseph Smith and the church in these latter days. He was either a fraud, or a prophet of God. The authority to lead Christ's church was either lost, or it wasn't.
As I've read recently, "Every man eventually is backed up to the wall of faith, and there he must make his stand." I can promise you that if your wall of faith is the Book of Mormon, you will never fall. If you haven't read it in a long time, if you haven't read it at *all,* I can promise everyone you will find answers, direction, and ultimate happiness by reading it for yourself.

Just try the first chapter!
 The foundation of my faith is in Jesus Christ, and the Book of Mormon brings me closer to him like none other book. 

Pictures: A beautiful dress Elizabeth sent me!! An AMAZING quilt Ashley made me!! Me wearing said quilt, eating a cookie dough concrete mixer from Culver's below Sister Bustillos's adorable banner she made for me! Blowing the candles out of my birthday pie! A selfie with the adorable Miss Amanda Lucas! And all of these wonderful photos were taken with my NEW CAMERA from Mom and Pops! It was so great to get all of your wonderful letters and thoughtful gifts. I'm truly blessed.
I hope you all have an amazing week! My challenge: read a chapter from the Book of Mormon!! I don't care who you are, do it!
Sister Fluegel 🐦

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