Tuesday, March 21, 2017

I'm Dreaming of a White...Birthday? March 13th 2017

It's my last day as a teenager! That's right, folks! I always heard the twenties are the most fun, though, so I'm looking forward to it.
Our dear, dear, dear friend Amanda got baptized on Saturday, March 11th, and she looked absolutely beautiful in all white. Her best friend-turned-boyfriend Brady Johnson baptized her! Needless to say Sister Bustillos and I ship them so hard (although I first had to explain what 'shipping' is to her, haha). Amanda was smiling so much, and when we showed her the pictures of her yesterday she told us you can tell she wasn't just smiling for the camera, because her eyes get 'all squinty' when she's that happy.
To contrast such a happy, care-free morning, we had a HARD week this week. What's new? Haha. Sister Bustillos got sick, the rest of those we've been teaching we haven't been able to get in contact with, and it snowed! Twice! We walked around the temple grounds with Amanda on Thursday when it was a gorgeous 70 degrees, but ever since the temperature plummeted! Just when I though my birthday would be on a pretty day for once...got to love Midwestern weather.
We are so glad, however, to be together for another six weeks! Transfers happen every six weeks, so there was a small chance Sister Bustillos or I would be leaving tomorrow. Luckily, she's with me a little longer. And the elders in our area are also here to stay, which is awesome. They've both been teaching me how to solve a Rubix Cube, and I'm SO CLOSE!!

I bought the Bible Videos on dvd, and have been watching Jesus Christ's life. I also am in 3rd Nephi where he comes to teach the people in the Book of Mormon, and reading 'Jesus the Christ'! So this whole week has been about understanding him better and his amazing mission.

He definitely went on a mission, and it was much harder than mine. He was spit on, mocked, driven out, and viewed as a blasphemer. Even his disciples, who followed him, didn't really become converted during his ministry. I struggle, and then I see how he struggled, and how even the moment before he went into the garden to suffer, he prayed to the Father in his disciples' behalf. Jesus Christ is the example of a perfect missionary: bearing all things with patience and love, thinking of himself very little, having the welfare of others always on the forefront of his mind. I have put aside my self-filled life and dedicated myself to his work, and yet I still struggle to stop thinking about myself!
That's the point of being here, though, on this earth. The best way to find yourself is to first lose yourself in the service of others. Any of you who struggle with a weakness, a trial, a doubt or three--let's be honest, that's every single one of us--and find yourself unable to overcome it, I would recommend the same cure Christ does: love. The more we help others, and love one another, the better we're able to overcome. That is why love is the first great commandment--through it, all good things are made possible.
The more I serve others and forget myself, the more of myself there is to find.
Other cool things: I have a billion pictures!! Our STLs came to our baptism and brought me a cake! It was really sweet of them, even though I'm not a big fan of cake...Sister Bustillos had some though :D Also, did I say snow? I forgot to mention it also RAINED and we went tracting and talked to a cool guy! That was the picture afterwards. Elder Cardiff made some absolutely delicious sweet potato muffins for our last District Meeting before transfers. Last, Sister Bustillos likes to take awkward pictures of me. There are tons more, but these ones of (me) studying and blowing out candles were the least offensive to my ego.
Have a blessed week!
Sister Fluegel 🐦

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