Saturday, May 20, 2017

Wonderful Accidents May 1st 2017

I will get to a spiritual thought, I'm sure, but FIRST you all have to hear this hilarious story:
So Amanda and Brady--Sister Bustillos and I have switched between calling them Bramanda and Brandy--were sweet enough to offer us a ride for transfers. We dropped off Sister Bustillos and then picked up the lovely Sister Rilling, who is sweet, laid-back, and likes to talk in a British accent!
BUT what I didn't know about her until Bramanda pulled away is that she doesn't have a driver's license! And neither do I!
We were stranded.
So of course we called our superiors, because obviously they know what to do, right? Wrong! They called THEIR superiors, who called the Mission President. Meanwhile Sister Rilling and I are sitting in our apartment not sure whether to unpack her stuff or not!
Then we get news: No, Sister Rilling isn't leaving, but we both are moving out of Arnold and going down to the apartment where the Crystal City elders used to live, and we needed to pick up Sister Mainord (AKA the chauffeur of the companionship) in two hours!
So I had two hours to pack up everything, find a ride to go get Sister Mainord, and help take us down to Crystal City!
Luckily Amanda and Brady were there to the rescue once more, and all three of us made it to our new apartment right before a dinner appointment, haha.
 President Bateman called us the next day, and it was so cool to hear his side of the story. He told us how the transfer plan seemed to be missing a piece to him, all the way up until the day of transfers, until he called Sister Mainord and she agreed to come to Crystal City. Then he had this "Aha!" feeling, like everything was finally right. Hearing that gave me a lot of peace regarding all this hullabaloo, because the Lord's hand is always there in my life, even if He needs to cause accidents to help things work out, haha.
And things really have worked out. Being in a "tri," or a three-person companionship is described by most missionaries as "THE WORST," but I have a feeling this one is for the *best.* I can already tell I have so much to learn from both of these sisters, and I'm so excited for the weeks to come.
Love you all!!
Sister Fluegel 🐦
Picture 1: packing up my stuff last second...the car was a little stuffed
Picture 2: How big my area used to be!
Picture 3: How big it is now...
Picture 4: What we call our "Room of Requirement"
Picture 5: Sister Mainord (top) and Sister Rilling (bottom) have differing opinions about their place on the bunk beds
Pictures 6- :From Sister Bustillos's last morning in Crystal City--we went on a hike with Bramanda and saw the sunrise over the Mississippi!

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