Saturday, May 20, 2017

Blessings of Service May 15th 2017

It's taken me four months about, but I'm finally realizing why I'm on a mission.
Of course, I knew I needed to be on one, if only because a spiritual experience--and many experiences after--confirmed it to me in my heart. But the why of it till now was simply because Heavenly Father apparently wanted me to.
There are lots of good reasons to go on a mission--to serve, to share my testimony, to get out of my comfort zone, to improve someone's life even--but among the many good, is the best reason: because I love my Savior Jesus Christ.
The more I study the scriptures, the more I realize that He was called to serve a mission himself. He spent the last three years of his life on earth entirely devoted to teaching, serving, and most importantly, loving others. He showed that love ultimately when he suffered for our sins and sorrows, and died for us. Because of what he did for me, I have the opportunity to improve myself every day and shake off my past self. And what's the best way to improve?
Well, what he's asked us to do: Follow him! For me, one way to do that was by going on a mission. In general, though, we all have opportunities to become more like our Savior because he already paid the price for our mistakes! This is the good news I get to share with Crystal City, and the more I do the more I feel love for each individual I encounter here.
We've been helping an elder woman named Janice with her overgrown yard the past two weeks. I got poison ivy from somewhere in her decorative grass! But it was worth it. She is taking care of her husband who has dementia--they've been married almost 61 years. So needless to say she has many stories and life insights. We brought her cookies for Mother's Day this weekend and she told us as we left, "I love you girls!" It was easy for me to reply, wholeheartedly, "I love you too!" We are going to share a lesson with her this week, and I'm so thankful to know her.
I'm so thankful to be serving my Savior and my brothers and sisters here, I love them all and I love you all!
Sister Fluegel
#1 My bumpy arms
#2 We made oatmeal soap! Not sure it did much, but it was fun!
#3&4 I kept scratching in my sleep, so we had to get creative
#5 At the zoo, Sister Mainord had never been before!

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