Monday, December 16, 2013

No Effort Wasted

This week has been filled with wonderful events and experiences! We had our Mission Christmas Party and the whole mission gathered to hear Elder Sumerhays of the Seventy speak to us, and then a dinner and a variety show where Elders and Sisters sang Christmas songs for us. A congregation in Salt Lake gathered Sister Missionary clothing-skirts, dresses, sweaters, scarves, and coats for all the Sisters to choose something. It was so kind of them and we had a huge wonderful dinner from Sisters in the Kaysville area who all have children on missions. Something from Elder Sumerhays that really stood out to me was that we should treat every day like Christmas--because Christ suffered for us and was born to make us free from sin, and we should be thankful for that and applying that knowledge every day of the year. 

This week we met with a 14-yr old boy named Daxton, who is only here on the weekends because of joint custody. He has been taught by his very active uncle and cousins and desires to be baptized, so we have started the lessons with him so he knows all he needs to. He is on date forJanuary 4th! He is so sincere and humble and I'm so excited for him. He reminds me of Joseph Smith, who at 14 was searching for the truth as well. 

A few other miracles that happened just yesterday was that Nicole, the 16 yr old we are teaching was having a hard time because her older sister wasn't talking to her because she is interested in the LDS church. We gave her some advice about focusing on her sister-relationship instead of religion-bashing and immediately after we talked to her about it her sister called her and apologized and they made up right there at church. Her sister even told her to stop skipping Sunday School and get back to class. Another woman whose husband struggles with alcoholism was struggling at church and felt impressed to "text the Sisters" to come over that night and teach her family. When she looked up, there we were standing in the doorway of the chapel just walking in, and she felt a warm comforting feeling wash over her at the sight of us and she ushered us to sit by her. I feel so humbled that the very sight of 2 19-yr old girls in dresses and nametags could make such a change in someone's life and bring the Spirit to comfort those in need of comfort. How blessed I am to be a representative of Christ and see His love for His children every day in countless ways and experiences. 

We receive a lot of names from Relief Society Presidents and such of members who haven't been to church in a while for us to visit. One lady was never home whenever we stopped by, and we almost gave up on her but on Saturday we felt we should go to her neighborhood and try the doors that haven't opened yet. Cars were in the driveway this time and she opened up and was very kind to us but didn't seem to want anything to do with us. We drove away thinking nothing of the visit--and then last night our ward mission leader called us to say that he went home teaching there and she said she felt like them showing up as well as the "dear sweet Sisters" was a sign to her that she needs to come back to church.

All these miracles this week are a witness to me very effort that we make is not wasted and does affect the lives we come into contact with. Every little visit, smile, lesson, and knock on the door--is part of this great work. There truly is no sweeter experience than helping to build the Lord's kingdom. 

Hope you all have a wonderful week! 

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