Monday, December 30, 2013


December 30, 2013 

This week has been wonderful, filled with miracles and spiritual experiences that have strengthened me as a missionary. On Monday Sister Wright-Carruthers and I had the privilege of going to Temple Square with our investigator, Nicole. As we walked her through the pictures on the wall of Jesus Christ's life, we were able to help her understand Him better and she felt closer to Him. When we got the the picture of Christ suffering and praying in the Garden of Gethsemane, and explained about how He prayed for each one of us and suffered all our pains and afflictions and sins, she told us she'd never really understood that part of the atonement before nor seen that picture. She stood there staring at the picture for 10 minutes on her own, as crowds of people walked past her, and tears were in her eyes. I've never seen someone take the atonement so seriously before and I realized how much I have taken the knowledge and gravity of the atonement for granted. What a privilege it was to see her discover that knowledge for herself and help her through her spiritual journey, and be taught by her as well. 

We have many things going on in our side of the Layton Hills stake! We have 5 investigators who are all on their way to baptism. One is scheduled for this Saturday to be baptized. It's exciting as well that we've been able to contact and set up appointments with the referrals we've been given this past month now that the holidays are almost over and they have more time to see us. Sister Wright-Carruthers is a phenomenal trainer and is helping me become more valiant and bold. Layton is amazing! 

December 23, 2013 
Merry Christmas everyone!

This week has been incredibly busy and exciting! We've had so many appointments and lessons despite the busy holiday season. I'm loving the people here in Layton more and more every day as I serve them. The members have been so wonderful and kind to us especially as we feel a little bit of Christmas and family nostalgia, and the people we are teaching make it all worth the sacrifice of being home. I've had opportunities to grow, serve and learn in ways I never imagined I would, and the harder I work the less I feel discouraged or trunky. 

Yesterday in church I learned about charity-the pure love of Christ-and how we can become charitable people more every day. We can avoid thinking we are better than others, and have patience with their faults. Joseph Smith told us to look with compassion on perishing souls and take them upon our shoulders and cast their sins behind our backs. I know that the Spirit of Christmas is really the Spirit of Christ--and doing as he would have done, which is to give to others. We were shown this wonderful Mormon Message that really touched me. It's link is right here:

I love this time of year because everyone's thoughts are focused on family, service, and giving. These are all teachings of Christ and so the people we talk to are more appreciative and open to us because they recognize us as representatives of Jesus Christ and that we are serving just as He did. In Sacrament Meeting yesterday all the talks were about family and Christmas memories, and just as I started thinking about my little sisters, this little girl in front of me handed me a little piece of paper. It said "To: The Sister Missionaries From: Emma" with a picture of two girls with curly hair and dresses, and underneath said, "Welcome Sister Missionaries! Merry Christmas". Things like that make being a Sister Missionary worth it because they remind me that I'm needed here and that the work I do is appreciated!

May you all have a wonderful Christmas! 

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