Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Weekly Update 4/28/2014

This week has been an amazing one, as always! We were a little discouraged because more than half of our lessons cancelled on us and we had to find other things to do. Yesterday evening this happened to us again. A big windy thunderstorm was rolling in from Centerville and it started to rain so we went home to grab our jackets. As I drove down our street, I pulled over after a block or so to look at my planner and figure out who we should visit. Sister Juarez looked at her list of less active members and said, "Sister Blodgett?" and looked out her window and said "Woah we're right in front of the Blodgett's house!" We took that as a sign we needed to go visit them! Sister Blodgett was really kind and appreciated that we came and said "Thank you for listening to the Spirit to come visit me, I really needed it." She also told me halfway through our visit that I looked so familiar to her and it was almost eerie, like she's met me before. I know we are sent to the exact area and people that need us and Heavenly Father really knows what he's doing when he inspires your mission president to send you to a certain area. I love the people in Bountiful so much!

We've been getting a grip on this stake slowly but surely, through coordination with our 9 ward mission leaders and Bishops. I've been working on meeting with more Relief Society Presidents, because they often are the most knowledgeable about the people in the ward and help us with splits too. We've been improving on using the Book of Mormon with those we teach and also family history! We have 5 lessons set up to teach family history, most with recent converts. One person said that they've been praying for someone to help them figure out how to do family history for 10 years and I'm the answer to their prayers. I'm so grateful for the Spirit of Elijah and that I could have the skills to help others fulfill their work too. My little sisters in Illinois are teaching others in their ward how to do genealogy as well, and I am so thankful for their example to me and my family. I know that the restored gospel truly changes lives and I'm so grateful to bring it to others every day! 

Sister Ashley Fluegel

 Aunt Lorraine, Sister Fluegel, Grandma Ramona and Great Grandpa!

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