Monday, November 11, 2013

One Month Out!

So I've officially been out on my mission for a month and 2 days now! This last week has been busy and productive, despite being sick last weekend and now the stomach flu this weekend. I'm still getting over it, yesterday I was running to the bathroom every hour or so and pretty much incapable of doing anything. Yet, I experienced a miracle because Sister Wright and I were asked to give 15-minute talks in one of the Wards we cover, and I didn't want to bail on the Bishop even though I wasn't sure I was going to make it through the meeting. But, I got up there and spoke about how missionary and family history work are one in the same, and I didn't feel sick at all as I was speaking! Sister Wright told me later that she had prayed that I'd feel okay up there. Missionaries are human, but I don't think I'd have been able to get up and speak if I had the stomach flu and wasn't a missionary. 

This last week we've seen a lot of the people we're teaching progress! The 16 yrold girl wants to be baptized in January because she wants her member-friend to baptize her (he turns 16 on Christmas day). This one lady who used to be a hoarder cat lady and never let anyone into her house, is letting us come over and work in her garden and visit with her. We left her with a prayer the last 3 times we went over and she cried every time because she felt the Spirit and how much we love her. The second time we went over there, she mentioned that she likes genealogy! She and I then had an hour long conversation about how exciting it is and all the different things we've discovered! We connected so well and then the next time we talked about it again and I managed to bring some doctrine about families and how the gospel is so important to us. 

We've been getting so many referrals from members that we are struggling to contact them all! Saturday, my month mark, I was determined to contact as many as we could. We were only able to contact one less active family but it was an amazing experience! I was slightly nervous because it was my first 'door approach' to a family that my companion didn't know either. Sister Wright told me as we walked up to their door, "Remember who walks with us every time we approach a door." The wife opened the door and we had a really friendly visit with her and we set up an appointment to visit with them and invited them to come to church, mentioning that we were speaking as well. They didn't end up coming but they look like such a nice family and I really felt the Spirit there with us as we spoke to her. I'm excited for this week and hopefully will be feeling better so I can work harder and serve more effectively! 

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  1. Sister Wright looks like a brunette Krista Nettgen! Too pretty, you two!