Wednesday, March 26, 2014

March 25, 2014

So many great things happened this week, but I think the most exciting and rewarding event of them all took place on Sunday. We've been working with a lot of people to help them come back to church and repent and rediscover their testimonies. In our mission we really are encouraged to help people return to church 4 times out of 6 weeks, and after that they are considered a returned member. This last Sunday, we had 7 wonderful people return for their 4th time and many of them have callings now and feel part of their congregation again. 

Five of those members were a family with three children, and we were able to have a family home evening with them and help them feel the Spirit. Some of the things I've been thinking about are the "why's" of the gospel. When someone asks you why you do something, it's a great opportunity to explain to them the message of the restoration! Why? Because I follow a living prophet, because I read the Book of Mormon, because I promised to do so when I was baptized, because the Spirit inspired me to do it, etc. Just merely saying you do it because your religion tells you to do it doesn't make them interested or feel like you really believe it. 

We had Zone Conference yesterday and received training on the new way we are teaching lessons, which includes teaching with the pamphlets for 7 minutes as simply as we can. The missionaries in the Book of Mormon taught with plainness and simplicity, and we are doing the same! It's taking a lot of practice but we are seeing the benefits from it already. I love growing my faith in Christ every day as I read about Him in the scriptures. I love sharing my testimony with everyone around me and standing as a witness everywhere I go. I love every minute of this wonderful time when I get to be a missionary and serve full-time in the front lines of the work. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful week! 

Look at this street name I found!

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