Monday, February 10, 2014

February 10, 2014

This has been the busiest week of my mission by far. My companions and I went on splits every day with members and we taught more lessons this week than I ever have before and found 4 new people who are interested in being taught! It has been so rewarding to share my testimony and invite others to act and see their countenances change as I answered their questions with the Spirit and see it touch their hearts. 

I was privileged to witness Nichole's baptism and confirmation this weekend. The first lesson I ever helped teach on my first day in Layton was Nichole, and I've helped and watched her discover the gospel of Jesus Christ and its truthfulness. I feel so honored to know her and have participated in her learning. It was such a sacred, special baptism, especially because of how hard she had worked for it, testifying to her parents over and over again about how much she wanted to be baptized and finally receiving their permission. The challenges and hard times made that moment when she came up out of the water that much sweeter. 

So many miracles happened this week. Sister Schrock went on splits with a member and Sister Miesbauer and I decided to find places to contact new people, and I kept thinking we should go to the gas station and maybe talk to someone there. As we pulled in, I looked at the gas gage and realized it was on Empty! We prayed that we'd be able to contact someone, and ended up talking to 3 different people there as well as filling up the gas before Sunday

I've been getting much better at organizing our paperwork and working with members and ward councils so we are all on the same page and everyone has fellowship and someone watching out for them. I'm so excited to teach my two recent youth converts family history and help them get to the temple this week! The gospel of Jesus Christ is true and it really does change lives. It continues to change mine every day. 

Love you all and hope your week is amazing!

-Sister Fluegel

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