Monday, January 27, 2014

January 27, 2014

On Tuesday we got a call from one of the assistants to the president telling Sister Schrock and I that we were needed to train a new sister from the MTC and to pick her up the next morning! She's from Linz, Austria, named Sister Miesbauer. She was waiting for her VISA and served in Berlin for 7 weeks before coming to the Provo MTC and then our mission. So I'm now a trainer!
We have been really busy this week, and battling a terrible cold that everyone here seems to be getting because of the Inversion in the air. All the germs and pollution stay close to the ground and everyone gets sick from each other. 40% of the missionaries are sick in our mission. Everyone keeps praying for rain or snow to come and clean the air out for us. I miss the fresh clean air of Illinois!
Zane was baptized on Saturday and we had a wonderful program for it. He sang a song with the Primary kids who are all his friends now. He asked me to give the talk on the Holy Ghost. I used the comparison that my trainer taught me, how the Holy Ghost is like the sun. The Holy Ghost, like the sun, touches everything but is one being. The sun's light can be seen and its warmth felt by every person on earth. The sun illuminates and helps us see things for what they really are. The Spirit can be felt by every person and can help them see the truth.
I love the scripture Moroni 10:5-7 where he tells us that it's by the power of the Holy Ghost that we may know the truth of all things, and that whatever is good acknowledges that Christ lives. And the Spirit works according to our faith--so the more we follow the commandments, serve others, act like Christ would act, and study the word of God, our faith is stronger and our ability to feel the Holy Ghost and recognize his promptings grows too.
I love working hard, teaching, and serving every day. I've never been so happy with my life or been so sure of something before. I've learned for myself that Joseph Smith truly was called of God to restore His priesthood keys and authority to establish Christ's church on the earth in its fullness again. I learn so much from the Book of Mormon every day and understand my purpose in life better each time I read it. All we need to do is keep growing our faith, keep learning, keep taking the Sacrament, keep praying, and keep repenting. That is enduring to the end.
I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week!

Zane's Baptism!

(Isn't she gorgeous? ;)

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